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As most business owners are aware, you need to buy Worker’s compensation coverage in order to comply with your local state laws. Without it, you could jeopardize the ongoing operations of your business, and you may also incur fines that are known to be at least $100 per day. The Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), have the power to issue a Stop Work Order, and any fines will continue to accrue until such a point you contact your  insurance agent to get the coverage placed. 

Do you have to buy Worker’s Compensation coverage?

Laws and fines vary by state but its clear that the employers are required to carry Worker’s compensation coverage for themselves and their employees (there are a few exception). This requirement is applicable to all, irrespective of the number of hours worked or the number of employees. Whether you are a one person entity or have hundreds of employees,  at Tanna Insurance, we will help you find the best Worker’s compensation coverage for your organization to help you protect your staff and your business.

At Tanna Insurance, we will help you find the best Worker’s compensation insurance for your organization to help you protect your staff and your business.

What is covered by worker’s compensation insurance?

If you’ve already spoken with us, you may have an idea of what a Worker’s compensation policy will cover. Essentially, you and your employees will get coverage for medical expenses and cover a portion of their wages for a period of time that they are unable to work

Worker’s compensation is not a substitute for health coverage, and it will only cover work-related illness or injury.

What are the benefits of buying worker’s compensation insurance?

Although it is state-mandated business insurance, there are a number of ways it will benefit your business.

  1. Compliance with the law and avoidance of penalties that could become costly.
  2. Your employees can access medical attention quickly if they need it.
  3. It reduces the risk of legal action from employees who suffer from a work-related illness or injury.

We would always encourage you to speak with a local commercial insurance agent directly regarding extra coverage and your specific options. 

Talking with a member of the team at Tanna Insurance is a great way to get your questions answered quickly, and also look at the different levels of coverage that are available to buy.

Who does a worker’s compensation policy cover?

Your employees and you will receive essential protection that pays for medical expenses and a part of their wages. Also, in the event that a member of your staff decides to take legal action against your business as a result of their injury or illness, the cost of any damages and a lawsuit will be covered as well. So in effect, Worker’s compensation insurance covers both your business and your staff.

Should a sole proprietor buy worker’s compensation insurance?

As an individual who works alone, the risks might seem negatable. However, there might be instances where one of your clients or a supplier may require you to hold a valid Worker’s compensation certificate. It’s important to verify your legal obligations with a local insurance agent in Woburn before you decide whether or not to purchase this coverage.

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Buying commercial liability insurance is essential for your personal and professional protection. With so many types of insurance to review, it’s easy to come unstuck or get overwhelmed by the details. As your local commercial insurance agent in Woburn, we offer a personalized service, and we build insurance packages that are tailored to your individual needs.

Why Choose Tanna Insurance?

We’ve been in business for over twenty years with industry experience of over forty. Here are just a few reasons why clients enjoy doing business with us.

  • Trusted and well-established Insurance agent
  • Independent, family-owned and operated business
  • A dedicated team of insurance experts
  • Personal attention and tailored insurance packages
  • Access to many National & Regional companies
  • Outstanding attention to client services

If you want to work with an insurance agent you can trust, the team at Tanna Insurance can help you protect your business, your people, and your assets.

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