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A commercial auto insurance policy provides coverage to those companies who own/operate vehicles that are used for work-related duties. Business auto insurance can help cover any costs associated with replacing or repairing company vehicles within the policy limitations, and it can also be tailored to give you, your staff, and your equipment the right coverage in case the worst occurs.

If you have people working for you, and they use their own vehicle for work-related business, then you should buy a non-owned and hired endorsement in order to ensure you have adequate coverage. Typically, personal auto insurance will not cover their business use of the vehicle, and it might leave the company financially exposed to any connected losses that occur.

We help business owners find the the most appropriate  commercial auto insurance for their individual use and needs. From a single vehicle to an entire fleet, we can place the coverage at a competitive price

What vehicles can be covered by commercial auto insurance?

Business auto insurance can be purchased for cars, vans, semi-trucks, trucks, and other types of specialist commercial vehicles. Depending on the type of coverage you choose, the policy can give you coverage for any vehicles that are leased, owned, or under contract to the business.

When you buy a commercial auto insurance policy, there are three parts of coverage to choose from.

  • Physical Damage Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Additional coverage, such as lease gap coverage, towing and labor, rental reimbursements, and medical payments.

When should you buy commercial auto insurance for your company?

In almost all states, a company is required to purchase commercial auto insurance for any vehicles they lease, own outright, or possess under a contract. Your commercial auto coverage can also cover accident-related damage, theft, medical bills, and more.

If you do any of the below activities, then you need to buy a commercial auto insurance policy.

  • You have a vehicle that is titled to your company
  • You or your staff use a vehicle for towing
  • You or your staff use a vehicle for the transportation of hazardous materials
  • You or your staff use a vehicle to drive to and from any work sites
  • You or your staff use a vehicle for client or employee transportation
  • You or your staff use a vehicle for carrying tools, equipment, or products connected to your work

At Tanna Insurance, we will help you secure the best commercial auto insurance for your organization and protect those individuals and vehicles who might be at risk.

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Who can drive a commercial vehicle?

As the business owner, you need to know exactly who can and cannot drive vehicles under your commercial auto insurance policy. When you purchase a policy, this will typically give you coverage for your staff, family members, and others. However, it’s always best to speak directly with your insurance agent to confirm your policy allowances first. If someone drives a vehicle while they’re carrying out work-related duties, the likelihood is, that you will need to make sure they’re covered on your policy.

What exactly is covered by commercial auto insurance?

A business auto insurance policy will give you coverage for the cost of a driving accident. It may also give you coverage against acts of theft, vandalism, medical expenses, and other types of damage to your vehicle. Here are just a few of the things that a commercial auto insurance policy with cover.

  • Auto Accident Liability
  • Theft
  • Physical Damage
  • Uninsured motorist accidents
  • Medical Expenses and Payments

At Tanna Insurance, we’re proud of the superior level of service we provide to all our clients. If you need to buy commercial auto insurance for your company, let us help you get the right coverage at the most competitive rates.

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Buying commercial liability insurance is essential for your personal and professional protection. With so many types of insurance to review, it’s easy to come unstuck or get overwhelmed by the details. As your local commercial insurance agent in Woburn, we offer a personalized service, and we build insurance packages that are tailored to your individual needs.

Why Choose Tanna Insurance?

We’ve been in business for over twenty years with industry experience of over forty. Here are just a few reasons why clients enjoy doing business with us.

  • Trusted and well-established Insurance agent
  • Independent, family-owned and operated business
  • A dedicated team of insurance experts
  • Personal attention and tailored insurance packages
  • Access to many National & Regional companies
  • Outstanding attention to client services

If you want to work with an insurance agent you can trust, the team at Tanna Insurance can help you protect your business, your people, and your assets.

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